We are creating the
world's first metahub


WEN Tokyo is the world’s first metahub: a purpose-built space to house creative innovators and communities who believe in bringing the metaverse to life by merging technology and design into functional lifestyle experiences using Web3 tools and beyond.

By empowering physical and digital creators with resources, to create experiences that bridge art and technology, we are providing a gateway into ‘The Metaverse‘ and shaping the future of the internet.



You are invited to a 30-day Creative Residency at the WEN Tokyo Metahub.



You are invited to nominate creators trailblazing in NFT art & Web3 development.

We are converting an existing building into a dedicated space for the global Web3 community.

We house creatives in residence and incubate projects that shape the future of the internet.

We invite founders, creators, and citizens of emergent Web3 communities to BUIDL digital twins.

We will operate as a membership club with tiered benefits between both brick + pixel worlds.


We are launching a pilot for a Creative Residency Program program to discover emerging talent in the Web3 space and shape what a metahub can be in Tokyo.

With your participation, our existing hotel will be transformed into an innovation hub to support artists and developers who work with future-forward technologies. The space will also showcase approaches to bridging the digital to the physical world. Throughout the renovation period happening over the next year, we are inviting creators to dream of the future with us.

All creative residents will be provided with private accommodation in the current hotel (pre-renovation) plus a stipend for food and local travel expenses. Workspaces, common areas, and a commercial kitchen will be available for all participants to utilize. Creative and technical support will be available to assist all residents in showcasing work with our gallery partners and our digital marketplace. Further details will be provided to successful applicants.


We are offering 8 places for an in-person residency, with the creators being housed in the existing hotel, pre-renovation. Visit Tokyo, engage with the local tech/art scene, bring your passion and mastery to the WEN Tokyo project, and shape the formation of Japan’s first metahub.

Our focus is on exploring the building redesign and its digital twin. The design brief invites creators to ideate on how to approach our 8 key spaces:

• NFT Museum / Digital Gallery

• Café / Bar

• VIP Lounge

• Accommodation

• Creator Labs

• Music / Video Studio

• Immersive Spaces

• Pop-up Market / Retail Space


We are searching for world builders and creatives who excel at dreaming up new environments and story settings through mediums such as architectural visualization, set building, interior decorating, environment art, game level design, and interactive installations.

We will provide creative spaces for VR/AR/XR creators, NFT Artists, AI/ML devs, product builders, game designers, character artists, filmmakers, musicians, and artists using traditional mediums who are interested in porting their work to a digital form.

These works will solve the design problem of how one space can exist in both the physical and virtual with the content being used to populate the ‘digital twin’ for the building in Tokyo.

To be eligible for selection, the applicant would ideally have one or more of the following:

• Amazing talent
• Active community of followers on social media
• Have a body of work in your area of interest
• Concepts or working prototypes that push the boundaries of your field
• Interest or demonstrated ability in bridging the digital to the physical in an innovative way
• Ability to document your work process or tell the story in a captivating way


Let us build our Metahub!​