May 6, 2023

WEN Tokyo presents「Reaching for the Future 」


In the heart of Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan, WEN TOKYO and UltraSuperNew Gallery collaborated on an extraordinary digital art exhibition that took place from May 6-10, 2023 called “Reaching For The Future” — a groundbreaking art NFT event that featuring 26 talented artists from around the world, curated by A-Mashiro and Yi-Wen Lin.

A-Mashiro is a Tokyo-based artist with over two decades of experience in various creative fields, while Wen is a London-based creative coder and generative artist originally from Taiwan. Together, they curated a stunning collection of NFT artworks that showcased the cutting edge of digital art.

As the opening day approached, the team worked tirelessly to ensure that everything was in order. The atmosphere was tense, but there was also a sense of excitement in the air. We knew that we were about to unveil something truly special to the world.

When the day finally arrived, the gallery was transformed into a veritable wonderland of digital art. The artworks were displayed on screens and projected onto the walls, creating a dynamic and immersive experience for visitors. As the guests started to arrive, the energy in the room began to build.

One of the highlights of the event was the Collector’s Talk fireside chat, which took place on the second day. The discussion was led by Cryptolibertarian x Pochita x JELLY.lens, and it provided a fascinating glimpse into the world of NFT art and collecting. Later that day, we also held a separate fireside chat with A-Mashiro and Wen, where they talked about their inspiration and creative processes.

On the third day, we swapped out the artworks for a new set of pieces from the 26 featured artists. But the real excitement came with the SPECIAL DROP from Mashiro and Wen, where they released a series of generative art NFTs that were custom coded by Wen and WEN TOKYO’s development team. Each NFT was unique, and it generated a one-of-a-kind artwork for the collector. This was the first time a generative NFT artwork was completely create on-chain. 

The final day of the event was bittersweet. We were thrilled with the success of the show, but we were also sad to see it come to an end. To close out the event, we held a fireside chat with TAKAWO x Alexis André, which was the perfect way to say goodbye.

“Reaching For The Future” NFT art show was an incredible experience. It was a true collaboration between some of the most talented and innovative artists in the world, and it showcased the limitless potential of digital art. 

Here’s a list of all participating artists from the show:

Ben Kovach — @bendotk

Ben Zank — @ben_zank

Che-Yu Wu — @cheyuwu345

Cath Simard — @cathsimard_

Clément Morin — @clementmor1

CMPLX — @socmplxd

Dangiuz — @dangiuz

DeeKay — @deekaymotion

Emily Xie — @emilyxxie

Grant Riven Yun — @GrantYun2

Ippsketch — @ippsketch

Jake Fried — @jakejfried

Jeremy Booth – @jeremybooth

Joe Pease — @joepease

mae — @enixsta

Matt DesLauriers — @mattdesl

Mera Takeru – @mera_takeru

omentejovem — @omentejovem

Other World — @otherworld_xx

Per Kristian Stoveland — @perkwerk_

Reuben Wu — @Reuben_Wu

pho — @photonisdead

Rik Oostenbroek — @RikOostenbroek

Ryan Koopmans — @ryankoopmans

Summer Wagner — @bugindreamland

Shavonne Wong — @shavonnewong_

Takuroman – @TryingUnity

Thomas Lin Pedersen — @thomasp85

tjo — @0xTjo

William Mapan — @williamapan

Biographies of the show's curators:

A-Mashiro is a digital artist based in Tokyo with over 20 years’ experience in creative endeavors. In his early years, he worked in oil and acrylic paint, and currently works in the field of digital art and photography. Mashiro is passionate about redefining what NFT art can become in Japan, encouraging Japanese artists to enter the scene and connect with the world stage. Yi-Wen Lin (Wen) is a creative coder and generative artist based in London and spreading his Eastern culture into the West. Originally from Taiwan, his work is a cross-pollination of different cultures that matured after years of living in foreign countries.

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